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iTaste 134 Mini

iTaste 134 Mini

iTaste 134 Mini Features:

The standby current:

150uA maximum

Maximum output voltage:

6.0V (unloaded)

Maximum output current

5.0A(Built in 7A fuse for protection and stability.

Maximum output wattage:

12.5W (Watts mode)

Resistance of clearomizer:

1.2 ohm (minimum)


IMR high drain 18350/18500 (without protection, maximum current output is more than 5000mA.) iTaste 134 Mini cannot use 2 stacked batteries and any other types of batteries may damage your iTaste 134 Mini.

Scale Display Wattage:

Scale display wattage improves intuitive control and provides more accurate performance.

Variable Wattage:

The rotational wheel adjusts wattage in the following increments: 7.0 , 8.0 , 8.5 , 9.0 , 9.5 , 10.5 , 11.0 , 12.0 , 12.5 .

Scale Display Wattage Scale display:

Wattage offers more intuitive control and more accurate performance.

Battery Level Indicator:

The iTaste 134 battery capacity is displayed via green, yellow, and red LED lights.

  • Green = Fully Charged
  • When the iTaste 134 Mini is fully charged the LED light will turn green and power off.
  • Yellow = Half Power.
  • Red = Low Power. Please Charge.

High compatibility 510 connector:

Will fit iClear10, iClear16, and iClear30 clearomizers, as well as standard 510 accessories.

ON/OFF Battery Switch:

Quickly clicking the power button three times will enable or disable the battery. Once enabled, holding down the button will activate the device.